The lifeblood of our business is the content – the aural and visual art that we present. Programs are gathered, prepared and released with an eye towards preserving the unique qualities that make them escape the mundane and transport viewers to extraordinary places. R&B Films is committed to exploring every avenue and exploiting every opportunity to help these programs find the widest possible audience.

It should be noted that despite our early adoption and strong support of both high definition video standards, we are still quite interested in superior standard definition programming.

There are four paths to the release of new content via R&B Films. They are:


From one title to a catalog of titles to a complete film library, R&B is always interested in adding new material to our family of films. We embrace all genres – in music, the arts, and entertainment, We’re perhaps best known for our efforts in the fields of visual music, nonfiction programming, animation, ambient, new age and technically innovative programming. Regardless of the scale of the project, we apply major label marketing strategy and support with the handcrafted approach of a specialty house, carefully nurturing each title through the process until pinpoint placement gives it the best possible exposure. We can effectively market all rights worldwide, with a special understanding of new media, new formats and all venues.


R&B’s involvement can range from being a part of the creative process or acting as the facilitator of a fully realized and completed work of art. Don’t have a finished product in hand? Then perhaps one of the following categories will provide the answers you seek:

Program Development, Funding & Co-Production:

If we approve of your idea, we’ll get involved and help you make it happen. Qualified producers can get funding assistance. We can enter into co-production and joint ventures. And we can supply completion funding for qualified projects in development.


We offer a complete complement of film and high definition production services. We’re fluent in the new technologies used in digital, interactive and new media production and can provide services for graphics, animation and special venue applications. We can also provide production of special features (behind the scenes etc) and bonus material content with or without interactive functions.


Our standard and high definition editing and post-production services include film transfers, color correction, expert film restoration, remastering, audio mastering and new media creation.


We offer a full slate of audio services including stereo and Surround mixing and engineering with High Definition 192/24 and 96/24 capabilities. We are also privileged to offer a unique process for deriving phase coherent Surround from stereo. Studio & field recording services are available and MLP, DTS, Dolby, and Dolby Headphone Surround encoding can be provided.

New and/or Digital Media:

We offer specialty encoding of audio and video content for New Media applications including High Definition, Digital Cinema, Mobile, Internet and all formats for Portable Media Players.

DVD Authoring – Standard and High Definition:

As one of the first labels to truly push the envelope in High Definition DVD, the company is fully committed to providing the best in HD authoring: including Computer Graphics and Menu Design, Audio and Video Encoding, Standard Definition DVD Authoring, and HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc Authoring. Going a step beyond the accepted state-of-the-art is the drive behind a relentless pursuit of perfection that has resulted in many firsts, including the proprietary DRS Mastering Digital Reference Standard, a new standard in home entertainment quality.


R&B licenses product for both domestic and interational distribution. We cover broadcast distribution and home video here and abroad. In addition, we also offer special markets, bundling and premium distribution deals.

R&B licenses programming for new media, new markets and new formats including new distribution channels such as download-to-own. We handle digital distribution and digital rights management for all formats including digital cinema, mobile technologies and Video-On-Demand services.

It’s a brave new world out there and R&B is committed to exploring and exploiting every new development that can showcase our products and those of our strategic partners and clients.

I.P Representation & Management

R&B has over 25 years of experience in helping outside projects find the best possible home in the marketplace. We act as liaison to distributors, can offer valuable assistance in contract negotiations, and prefer to work on a performance-based fee structure. Our passion for being involved in the success of great entertainment makes R&B a powerful ally in a vast and ever-changing market.