R&B FILMS is a Home Entertainment Company that:

  • Combines a boutique approach with the resources of a Hollywood Studio.
  • Commits to nurturing and developing the finest High Performance Entertainment by combining technical innovation with artistic vision.
  • Is equal parts marketing juggernaut and creative pioneer.
  • Upholds a drive for perfection so potent that it has resulted in a new standard – the Digital Reference Standard, a benchmark of home entertainment quality for the new millennium.
  • The business of R&B Films revolves around the acquisition, licensing, development, marketing, and distribution of intellectual properties that represent the pinnacle of home entertainment achievement. R&B concentrates on High Definition Video and Audio in the areas of Visual Music, Independent Film, Animation, Non-Fiction, and Mood Enhancement entertainment. R&B nurtures each project to ensure programming that features superior production values, a unique artistic flair, and inspiring sights and sounds. This standard makes R&B Films a favorite of Home Theater Enthusiasts, Audiophiles, Videophiles, and Collectors of Special Venue and High Performance Entertainment.
  • It also makes us a unique and valuable resource for producers whose projects might benefit in some way from tapping into R&B’s capabilities. From creation through distribution, R&B can be a powerful ally in your drive to bring a superior home entertainment property to market. Look us over; we may have just what you need.